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This Week in the Comments [#QuestForSix Edition]

The quest for bantz ends here.

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May 3rd: Sounders overcome slow start to beat Union


Marshall has been worth every penny

This is probably the game emotions talking, but if we were every to sign a DP defender, Marshall is pretty much exactly what I would expect.

May 4th: Sounders vs. Union: Highlights, stats and quotes


Crowd response after PHI goal was spine-tingling

Philly puts in an own goal, it’s raining and crappy out, and what do our fans do but let out a roar of support as we kick off again. I love being a part of this.


I just want to point out

That Sigi once again made amazingly perfect calls on substitutions; game changing calls. Remick gets injured in the 50th minute and the Sounders are still down 1-0 and in stead of making a like-for-like swap, Sigi subs on Pappa, a superb attacking option off the bench, and moves Evans to LB. I think many other coaches would have made a defensive sub instead. Sigi decides to put Pappa in and, well, Pappa plays like a man trying to make up for some early season mistakes and influences the pace and changes the game in our favor. He eventually gets the game winning assist. Sigi’s call in the 50th minute played a big part in winning us this game.

Also, applause, once more, for Evans’ versatility clap, clap

… And for #airmarshall

… OK applause for the whole team! I love our boys.

May 5th: Major Link Soccer: Levesque in Kilts

Dave Clark

Caleb Porter likes a guy that praises Caleb Porter at all opportunities


May 5th: Sounders v Union - Aftermatch Aftermath: An Uncivil Union


I would have given Keller the Benefit of the Doubt,

but then I realized . . .

I just can’t give him that much space or I’d be punished. There are just too many individual errors to overlook.

And if you can get by the repetition of those catchphrases, I can’t get past that Keller gave the benefit of the doubt to a post on MacMath’s PK save.

May 6th: Sounders consider missed penalty a team-building moment

soundervillan with the ozzie GIF.

May 7th: Sounders v. Philadelphia: Community player ratings


Is this conversation Oba for you yet?

Because it’s Obafemi.

May 8th: Major Link Soccer: Canadian Championship, Eddie Talks


#1 feels good

Number 1
in Goals (Deuce
in Assists (Oba)
in Shots (Deuce)
in Shots on Goal (Deuce)
in Shots on Goal as a team (63)
in Shots as a team (145)
in Points as a team (22)
in Goals as a team (22)
in Assists as a team (23)
in Wins (7)
in Goal Differential (8)
in Road Goals (11)
in Road Goal Differential (4)
There may be more, but I should work

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