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ESPN's 'I believe' commercial is kinda sweet

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Look, I hate "I believe" as much as anyone. It's a corny song that is more appropriate for the college ranks where it started than at international soccer matches. But I gotta admit, it can be damn catchy.

ESPN appears to have latched onto it with both hands and I'll admit even a hater like myself got goosebumps watching this. Clint Dempsey is prominently featured, which helps, and Hope Solo made a cameo along with a bunch of celebrities ranging from Ice Cube to Barry Sanders to Kevin Costner.

Hate the song if you must, but I dare you to hate this commercial. It's everything that is great about the World Cup rolled into one syrupy sweet spot that will surely bring you back looking for more. You might not be proud of yourself, but you will be just a little bit happier. And that's OK because this is only the beginning.