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Sounder centered lessons from USA's win

We learned things about Clint Dempsey and how Yedlin's time with the Americans will change his game.

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There are a couple Sounder-centric takeaways from the United States 2-1 win over Ghana. Life isn't all World Cup - just mostly.

  1. Clint Dempsey is an explosive player capable of greatness at any moment. He can strike quickly; he can overcome a broken nose; he can make a case as the best outfield player in American history. In yesterday's 2-1 win he was in a familiar role for Seattle Sounders fans. Clint's role for the USA was as the underneath man - until Jozy Altidore went down. He was the scorer/creator hybrid that he's been in Seattle. Without Jozy that had to change a bit.
    With Seattle he plays underneath and alongside the same man. The determinant as to whether he's in-line or under is the pace of the Sounder attack. Oba can be the hold man, even if in miniature, on a play that starts from deep. If it builds at a slower pace Dempsey and Martins run in parallel and play off each other. This took longer to develop, but is why when they are both on the pitch goals are to come.
    Sunday watch to see if Klinsmann, Clint and the Americans figure out how to partner someone with Clint who has that touch of speed and flair that can work aside Dempsey rather than try to have Deuce be the hold up man.

  2. The US attack is fullback dependent. It builds from deep and along the sides. A full 43% of the US action was on the left, but that could have been a response to Ghana's play (45% on their right). But, the Americans switched to the right and Fabian Johnson quite a bit. Fabian had more touches than Bedoya/Zusi. He had two of the six US key passes with 73% passing. It wasn't a cross/long-ball game from Johnson. Instead it was quick, short passes that tried to play at angles into the danger area.
    Looking at the average position map from you'll see that the Germarican averaged a higher space than Bedoya.
    There are a couple things to take with you from this. The usual caveat of tracked actions MUST be noted. Bedoya also had a key defensive role. Alejandro had five tackles and three fouls to Fabian's single tackle, single foul and single offside won. The two were inverted when it came to attacking actions. The wingback from a four defender line is alive and well. Fabian did it as a starter.
    DeAndre Yedlin is there learning from Bundesliga veteran. If you think he'll sit deeper after spending time with the USA you will be disappointed. Jurgen's system is even more extreme when it comes to fullbacks than Sigi's system is.
    On Sunday watch to see how the left side works. Beasley had some issues with execution, but the attempts were there. The wide support is there. Timmy Chandler could be that inverted left wingback ranging forward in a similar nature.

With the Captain there are lessons from what he does with Seattle that can be taken to Brazil. With Yedlinho there are lessons he can take from Brazil back to MLS.

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