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Major Link Soccer Christiano Ronaldo "100%", "0%"

Open Cup tickets go on sale tomorrow (earlier if you are a season ticket holder) so keep an eye on your email and ticketmaster account.

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Only a special dance can break the voodoo curse
Only a special dance can break the voodoo curse
Stu Forster


Add another win to all the records the MLS Sounders have in US Open Cup home play. Then, get ready for next Tuesday, where we do it all again.

Osvaldo Alonso got the day off yesterday to help him recover from nagging injuries and the wear of playing every game so far this season. And yet, he was still doing work as a fan in the stands Wednesday.

Get ready for Clint Dempsey's new rap album, referencing Beast Mode.

CBC reports on Cascadia with a realistic and respectful look at the cultural/secessionist movement.


EA always kind of tosses a bone to MLS when they put out a new edition of their immensely popular FIFA franchise, so when the producer of the game talks about MLS growth, a few grains of salt are needed. It is nice to think that the league may be given more resources than in the past, however.

Struggling to make it in England's soccer federation, Houston Dynamo's Giles Barnes will be transferring his eligibility over to Jamaica.

This isn't the best time to be buying stock in the Montreal Impact (dead last in the East). Hernan Bernadello will reportedly be leaving behind the flailing club for Cruz Azul.

World Cup

Let's start with the ever popular Taiwanese Animation version of USA's victory over Ghana. As always, TA takes the interesting and turns it completely ludicrous. This particular entry could easily be a low budge version of Shaolin Soccer.

Continuing with Monday's game, The Seattle Times has been printing fan testimonials from people who were in Natal for the big match.

Will he? Won't he? Conflicting reports have Cristiano Ronaldo either 100% ready and fit, or at risk of ruining his career and even "ruled out". At the center of it all is Ronaldo's knee, which was supposedly cursed by a witch doctor weeks ago. Ever since then, he has frequently been seen leaving practices early, with ice wrapped around the injured ligament. No matter what happens, the worst thing that could happen would be for him to play in the game and suffer a truly serious injury. Can you imagine if Beckerman clattered into him on a challenge and Ronaldo couldn't get up? Talk about curses...

The first big upset has been established: Spain, after only two games, has been entirely eliminated from the 2014 World Cup. Thought to be one of the favorites to win it all, things started bad in their collapse against the Netherlands. Their dreams of a repeat sailed off into the sunset with a whimper when they couldn't hold back Chile (and World Cup security couldn't hold back Chile fans rushing past broken barriers). Chile is guaranteed a spot as well, which means that Australia can also hang up their cleats. Tim Cahill scored in their match with Holland but also received his second yellow in two games, meaning that his international career is effectively over.

Tuesday's Brazil-Mexico draw was the home of some inappropriate verbal abuse on the part of the fans'Puto!' Mexican soccer fans chant gay slur during World Cup - Outsports. The seemingly omnipresent use of "Puto" in Spanish-speaking Latin America whenever the keeper takes a goal kick actually has a meaning, one which I must admit to ignorance of. The comment section of this article disagrees with the meaning taken from the word, however, the Fare Network is looking into taking action against this chant and some Neo-Nazi slogans found in matches involving Croatia and Russia.

There has been another attack in Nigeriathis time a bomb targeting people viewing the Brazill-Mexico match.

It may have been a joke, but the commentators in this thread about how "you are correct to hate soccer" are taking it very seriously.

Yesterday we linked to a small portion of Fox Radio host Mike Francesca doing his absolute best to learn about soccer after 16 million Americans tuned in to watch the USA. In the process, the self-proclaimed soccer hater struck absolute radio gold in a "so-bad-it's-good" grilling of St. John's head coach Dave Masur. Hey, at least he is trying.

The World Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime event, worth getting arrested for the chance to see your nation play against the world's best. At least, that was what one Mexican drug lord must have been thinking when he got tickets and tried to take his family to a match.

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