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There is no Sounder at Heart viewing party

The USA v Portugal is a match of enormous importance. It is on a weekend. AO Seattle is throwing a party with ESPN cameras. Sounder at Heart is doing... nothing.

Kevin C. Cox

The passion and love for the United States men's soccer team is exploding. Sunday's 3 PM match is perfectly scheduled to tap into America. Down at Fuel the AO Seattle party is sold out (the event was free, but had a small charge for assured access). Capitol Cider is again hosting in their basement. Any place you've ever thought of meeting Sounder at Heart people is having a viewing as well (The Berliner Pub, World of Beer, Temple Billiards, Atlantic Crossing, and so many others).

Sounder at Heart is not holding a formal gathering. This is a conscious choice.

You have so many options.

I, me, myself, am going to do something a bit different. This is not a soccer game. It is 90 minutes of the Fourth of July. It is America turned up to 11.

So I'm going to hang out with some Americans. There will be no concern about whether they love soccer/fooball/futbal. The only requirement will be simple "do you love America? Do you want to love America with me?"

And then we're going to do some very stereotypical American things. There will be a grill and iced tea and beer and chips and big TV screens and maybe some lawn games and a huge sporting event on the TV. We will laugh together. We will cheer together. We may despair together.

Most of all we will America together.

No big party. No cameras. Just a bunch of friends and family supporting the Red, White and Blue. Winning is important. Passion is vital. Soccer and community will be intertwined.

Thursday may be different. We're still finalizing a breakfast event for our SaH community. Sunday I'm going to evangelize in the easiest way possible. It's not even going to be about soccer.

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