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World Cup 2014 USA v Portugal - Gamethread

Captain Clint Dempsey (he's a Sounder ya know) leads the Americans in a match that could put the USA through to the knockout round.

One Nation One Team
One Nation One Team
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Back when the World Cup started Jurgen Klinsmann suggested that the Yanks couldn't win the entire thing. He never suggested they couldn't win Group G. Now, at the halfway point in group play the United States enters their second match with the opportunity to enter the knockout rounds and potentially take first in the group.

Clint Dempsey, despite a broken nose, is a major part of why the Americans are in this position. He scored prior to getting kicked in the face. Then in a match that saw three other starters leave injured he played through the pain and the inability to breathe through the nose. He was effective, if less so than usual. Today he will play without a mask. The Sounder will help America in their hour of need up in the jungles of the Amazon.

DeAndre Yedlin waits his moment. He did not enter in the first game. His energy may be needed today though. His ability to get forward while still defending effectively is perfect when the nation may need a late goal or to help kill a two goal lead.

Seattle Sounders fans, it is time to America, together. Unless you don't America and that's OK too.

Time: 3 PM
ESPN or Univision (they also have a stream)
Radio: or the app

Things to Watch

  • Holding assignments on Ronaldo
  • Interplay between Dempsey and the other forward
  • Hold the line
  • One moment of magic

How I'm Watching
Scarf: Perilous Fight
Kit: Blue Sash from 2010
Where I'm Watching: With Friends

One Nation One Team

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