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Clint Dempsey scores in US draw

DeAndre Yedlin subs on to help the Americans to a lead that disappears in the 95th minute

Our Captain
Our Captain
Christopher Lee

Despite a slow start the United States dominated play for a vast majority of the match. Nani scored early to put Portugal ahead 1-nil. Jermaine Jones would pick the Americans up finishing a rebound after a corner. In the 85th minute after DeAndre Yedlin subbed on the Yanks blasted down the right through the Sounder. He crossed low. A few deflections later Zusi popped it into the Captain.

Clint Dempsey put America up 2-1 in a sequence started by a Sounder, it was finished by a Sounder.

Clint was removed as a hard tackled caused a limp. A few minutes later Portugal drew level.

The powerful victory faded rapidly. There is no magical advancement to the knockout rounds. Instead the Thursday 9 AM game against Germany will determine the fortunes of the United States. A win or a draw and Seattle's two players get to continue being amazing on a global stage. A loss and things get complicated in some goal differential issues.

Fabian Johnson showed the power of the modern fullback. He broke out often into spaces that Portugal couldn't defend. When Yedlin came on he took advantage of those spaces but with a bit more energy. He did quite well in those spaces and helped the US get the lead.

In the first half Clint Dempsey dominated, but only threatened. He worked magic, danced the sword, but was only close. The second 45 were less effective for the Captain. Less effective, but a goal scorer.

Portugal's first goal came after a poor attempted clearance by Geoff Cameron. Nani finished it quickly.

All the potency of Cristiano Ronaldo did not matter. He was ineffective regularly, floppy and on a side that was fortunate to advance.

Throughout the world the story will not be Ronaldo. Instead it will Clint, DeAndre, a wasted Bradley attempt and Portugal's 95th minute leveler.

A Sounders powered America was on the verge. Instead they face Germany in a game where they can win the group or go home. This World Cup is awesome.

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