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Major Link Soccer: All the news fit to eat

Luis Suarez bared his fangs again and the Internet absolutely exploded (apologies for the photo).

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Just the one item today, but it is a doozy:


Even though Jurgen Klinsmann says a pre-arranged tie against Germany isn't going to happen, the CBC is still pushing the issue.

Chris Wondolowski is the first tribally enrolled Native American to play on the men's national team, and he is making the members of the Kiowa tribe quite proud in the process.

Want to feel like a kid again? Here is a re-creation of Jermaine Jones goal against Porgual -- in LEGO form.

One of the top guys of the American Outlaws dealt with Portugal's second goal pretty poorly after he fell out a window and off a ledge at a Fado's in Miami.

Landon Donovan sat down with to talk about what it is like to be a part of the World Cup - just talking about it instead of playing in it, however.

FiveThirtyEight takes a look at why the U.S., as a country, with all of our might and wealth, hasn't been able to field a world-class soccer team.

Luis Suarez

By now, you are probably aware that Luis Suarez bit someone again. If not, here is the incident that took the Internet by storm in Uruguay's 1-0 win over Italy.


Of course, this isn't Suarez's first chomping rodeo. A sports psychologist accurately predicted that Suarez would bite someone again in five-years, back in 2013.

"It's in the man," he says. "I would think that in five years' time if there was a certain nerve hit or chord rung with Suarez in a different situation he would react in the same way."

Although Suarez denies he bit Giorgio Chiellini, Chiellini's shoulder and Suarez's hungry past don't give him the best leg to stand on. The Guardian reported that under FIFA's disciplinary code, Suarez could face a maximum ban of 24 matches.

It isn't all ugly and bad news on the bite front, however. One smart Norwegian man placed a bet that Suarez would bite someone in the World Cup, and he got paid.

World Cup

Even the weather is telling the Spanish national team to get the hell out of Brazil.

After England's terrible performance in the World Cup, captain Steven Gerrard sat down with the BBC worried about the future success of the national team. Even as England whimpered out of the tournament, coach Roy Hodgson felt his team dominated Costa Rica.

Croatia was another team that fell on its face in the tournament and Bleacher Report took some time to try and figure out why.

Things might have gotten a bit ugly with the Ghanian team, according to President John Mahama who had to plead with his team to play its final game against Portugal. The players reportedly threatened to boycott the trip because they haven't been paid their appearance fees so far.

Mexico was pretty happy with the win. The Croatian fans weren't.

David Villa left the match against Australia after 57 minutes, and apparently Spanish manager Vincente Del Bosco wasn't aware it would be his star's final international appearance.

The Premier League is still the best-represented league in the World Cup. MLS is chomping at the heels, sitting ninth out of all domestic leagues.

FIFA is opening an investigation into German fans after two German supporters were spotted in black face during Germany's 2-2 draw against Ghana.


Need someone to play X-Box Live with? Houston Dynamo defender Eric Brunner has you covered.

Chivas USA officially announced the signing for former Japan international Akira Kaji. He will be eligible to play on July 12 and is the first Asian player in club history.

The Montreal Impact still have high hopes for the season despite sitting in last place in the Eastern Conference with just 10 points through 13 games. To get that process started, the Impact let Nelson Rivas go.


Alexander Buttner gave a pretty blunt reason for why he signed with Dynamo Moscow - the better prospect of winning trophies there rather than Manchester United.

Soccer on TV

9 a.m. World Cup Nigeria vs. Argentina ESPN
9 a.m. World Cup Bosnia vs. Iran ESPN2
1 p.m. World Cup Honduras vs. Switzerland ESPN2
1 p.m. World Cup Ecuador vs. France ESPN
7 p.m. MLS Vancouver vs. Montreal MLS Live

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