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World Cup 2014 Open Thread: Groups E and F on stage

Nigeria v Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina v Iran, Honduras v Switzerland, Ecuador v France

Jamie Squire

Group F is not yet settled, though Argentina is through and Bosnia are eliminated there is reason to watch these early session. Group E will be a test of the Coffee Quality Index.

9 AM

Watch - Bosnia v Iran on ESPN2. No it will not involve the powers of Messi and the beauty of Argentina. Iran plays anti-possession. They insert their best left back in the midfield or at forward. Only a single Messi goal stands between them and two clean sheets. A series of near misses have kept them at zero goals. Bosnia is eliminated, that doesn't mean that they will just stand aside. Preview.

Messi is amazing. Argentina only has three goals. Despite all the firepower they 2nd best South American team looks disappointing and in a disappointing group. Nigeria can advance with a win or a draw. A multi-goal loss allows Iran a chance. ESPN has the game.

1 PM

Group E is an open book. There's a path to advancement for all four sides and none have yet booked longer stays in Brazil. You need to watch both of these games.

ESPN is carrying France v Ecuador (CQI says Ecuador wins). France is potent and can go through with a result. Ecuador can go with a win, and various draws and some losses. Playing cautiously against one of the rare UEFA sides playing well is a route to a rout.

ESPN2 carries CONCACAF's worst team going up against Switzerland. Both Honduras and the Swiss need not just win, but to score a lot of goals. This should be an open match which is rare for the third round. Preview.

After yesterday's action the Coffee Quality Index sits at 14-8-4 +2. Ivory Coast lose, Costa Rica draw, and a win by Colombia. I'll give internet points to the person who figures out why the CQI works so well in this tournament.

Today's CQI predictions would be for Honduras over Switzerland and Ecuador over France. Group F has no coffee. At NINE AM AND NO COFFEE?

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