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United States v Germany World Cup 2014 - Gamethread

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ESPN has the game. 9 AM is the start. ESPN 2 has the other game.

We are united.
We are united.

The qualification issues in Group G could be quite simple. When the United States wins they win the Group. Their World Cup will be judged as a success. A draw and they still advance. After that it gets complex. Here's a handy chart from CenterLineSoccer;


Yes, there are a few results that could force the drawing of lots.

Clint Dempsey, Seattle's star is there representing you. DeAndre Yedlin, Seattle's own, is there representing you. You need not be a fan of America to enjoy this day, just a fan of the Sounders. Our men have a chance at history. The Group of Death? PERFECT.

Time: 9 AM
ESPN, Univision, CBC
Radio: 710 ESPN

Things to Watch

  • The Flag
  • The Apple Pie
  • The Beer
  • Germericans
  • Yedlin's speed
  • Dempsey's creativity

How I'm Watching
Scarf: Perilous Fight
Kit: 2010 USA Blue
Where I'm Watching: World of Beer - Renton

One Nation, One Team

The other match will be at the same time. We'll follow that here as well.