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Seattle finally flexed its TV viewing muscles for USA-Germany

After failing to crack the top 10 in metered markets for the first two group stage games, Seattle came in at No. 4 according to ESPN.


What were Seattleites doing on Thursday? Apparently not doing a whole lot of work. Seattle came in with a 8.1 rating, the fourth-highest metered marked for the United States-Germany World Cup match, according to ESPN's data. That comes despite the game kicking off at 9 a.m. our time.

Curiously, three of the top four markets and four of the top 10 were on the West Coast despite the early kick off time. For most of the tournament, East Coast markets have dominated the ratings mostly due to the fact that kick offs tended to be at more convenient times.

Start times aside, it has been a bit of a mystery how Seattle has failed to crack the top 10 until now. The best theory I can come up with is that Seattle is more inclined to watch World Cup games at bars or in viewing parties than most markets and those kind of viewing habits tend to depress ratings. With the Germany match kicking off so early, it's plausible that more Seattleites were watching in a more easily metered fashion, either at home or even at work.

Overall, the ratings for the USA-Germany match were a bit down from Saturday's record-breaker against Portugal. But there was still a combined audience of about 23-25 million.

If my theory about viewing parties is accurate, I'd suspect Seattle's ratings will drop again on Tuesday when the United States plays Belgium. That game kicks off at 1 p.m. our time and the Sounders will likely be hosting what could very well be the biggest viewing party the city has had yet.

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