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Episode 142: Down goes Real Salt Lake! Down goes Real Salt Lake!

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This week on the show we revel in the glory of the Sounders big win over RSL, talk about the UMSNT, and more.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Sounders got a big 4-0 win over Real Salt Lake, that saw the offense click, the defense play well, and everyone had a good 'ol time. We discuss the performance, praise the glory that is Obafemi Martins, and generally just enjoy handing RSL a butt kicking.

We break down all the MLS results from the weekend, including the wild Cascadia Cup match between Vancouver and Portland. There's also a couple USMNT pre-World Cup qualifiers to talk about, and yet another win for the Seattle Reign. There's also plenty of listener questions to answer.

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First Segment: Real Salt Lake Match Discussion (0:00 - 21:15)

Second Segment: MLS Wrap/USMNT/Seattle Reign (24:00 - 45:35)

Third Segment: Listener questions (47:40 - 1:15:36)

This week's music: Perry Como - "Seattle", Interpol - "Take You on a Cruise", The Doors - "Alabama Song", Woody Guthrie - "Roll on Columbia".

Want to hear the music from the show in their glorious, full versions? Check out the Nos Audietis playlist on Spotify!