Joe Gyau to Borussia Dortmund and other USMNT Prospects

Gyau to Borussia Dortmund

With my excitement around our youngsters this go around, I have been craving news on our best US International prospects. And lo and behold, this news on Gyau broke. I've only watched his highlights so I would love to hear what anyone who's actually seen him play thinks. Just from the highlights he looks absolutely electric.

Also on this same note, this quote from Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger:

"Why didn't I sign Cesc Fabregas? Well all I can tell you is remember the name Gedion Zelalem."

(Edit: This, as it turns out, is fake.)

That is...exciting... to say the least. I can't wait until we get word of his received citizenship. Watched his highlights as well last night, he could be that true 10 that Jurgen is missing right now, and a fantastic one at that. (Also he speaks with an American accent, for anyone questioning our German-American brethren or his "American-ness")

Also would like to hear what anyone thinks about Shawn Parker? Word is he is solemnly sworn to Germany and doesn't have an American inkling in his body. Would love to get the people's thoughts on his skill and the possibility of him playing for the USMNT.

Another guy I researched but couldn't find much on Will Packwood, a 21 year old American playing in the Championship in England for Birmingham City. I believe he was got a call up for the USMNT at the Ukraine friendly so we know he's on the radar. But any info anyone can share on him would much appreciated as well.

With these guys being singled out, I would also ask for any info on anyone else I have not mentioned here. Do you know someone USMNT fans should be paying attention to? Any other guys playing abroad, dual citizens, long forgotten youths that we should be looking out for?

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