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Sounders v Chicago - Aftermatch Aftermath: Out of the Ashes

The game in which Seattle traveled to Chicago and defeated the Fire despite the fact that Chicago wanted to be jerks and succeeded at being jerks but games aren't won by who's the jerkiest, only who scores the most goals which is what Seattle did.

Pictured: Quality refereeing
Pictured: Quality refereeing
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Real holy laughter in the river! They saw it all! the

wild eyes! the holy yells! They bade farewell!

They jumped off the roof! to solitude! waving!

carrying flowers! Down to the river! into the


Howl - Allen Ginsberg - excerpt

Well that was a weird game. On Saturday, the Seattle Sounders defeated the Chicago Fire 3-2 in a game that saw two separate red cards for two separate instances, as well as several shoving matches, myriads of hard fouls, and a general sense that the two teams really didn't like each other. What else would you expect in a Frank Yallop match?

But the good guys won! It was a game in which Seattle was allergic to a 2-goal lead, so they nestled back to where they were most comfortable, which apparently was a 1-goal lead and 3-points. Always with the points. Another road victory, their 4th road win in only 7 tries (14 points out of a possible 21). In the last game before the World Cup break, Seattle's offense never really got clicking, yet they still managed to score three goals.

But it wasn't the prettiest, and Seattle got beat twice by a rookie, which is not a good thing. They've now allowed 16 goals in only 7 away games, which isn't the best rate. But as long as they keep winning, I suppose.

Up next in the MLS is DC United in DC on June 28th, but Seattle plays in the USOC against PSA Elite at Starfire on June 18th. But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about why Chicago is stupid and Seattle is cool.

Something old, something new, something bullets, something more bullets

  • You could see Frank Yallop's stamp all over this game, particularly in the needling way he wanted his players to get underneath the Sounders skin. From the onset of the game, Chicago was intent on being annoying, cheap, and dirty toward Obafemi Martins, especially after his 5th minute open-goal miss. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado had both of his yellow cards against Martins, including a two-footed lunging tackle. There was a play in the 7th minute where Martins and Chicago midfielder Chris Ritter argued a bit after Martins was called for some sort of mystery foul, afterward four Chicago players, Ritter, Gonzalo Segares, Jeff Larentowicz, and Benji Joya all shoved Oba at different stages in the fracas. The sad thing? It worked. For the entire game (that he played) Oba was on edge. It's like Yallop is like Sensei Kreese from the Karate Kid.

  • As a result of being on edge, Oba was shown a straight red for an off-the-camera incident. Our very own Jeremiah revealed this quote below from punchee Joya. He doesn't understand why Oba would want the ball? Oh, I dunno, to kick it off maybe? That seems to be what happens when one team scores a goal, the other team gets to kick it off. Still, people shouldn't go around punching other people in the face. It's ungentlemanly.

  • Stefan Frei only had to make three saves last night, but boy were they doozies. After his amazing displays, you were half expecting him to make a bone-headed mistake, since he seems to pair his highlight saves with massive errors, but Frei played a great game and was a huge reason why Seattle left as victors.

  • Good on Lamar Neagle to make the adjustment at half to be more goal threatening. He was pretty invisible the first half, but his second half goal was well struck. I was hoping for a first time volley, since he's so good at those, and when he chose to possess instead, I was a bit nervous. But Lamar knows best.

  • So this Harrison Shipp kid, he's pretty good. I can't find anything to not like about Shipp. whose two goals were well earned with two excellent shots. If he can keep up this type of performances, I can see Shipp representing the USMNT. Kid is legit.

Time for some Amarikwa dives to take us home

  • Why were Fire fans booing Marco Pappa whenever he had a touch?

  • Speaking of Pappa, after he was substituted off, he walked toward the Chicago Bench. Muscle memory in action.

  • Lovel Palmer had a serious case of Princess Leia hair.

  • "Chicago Fire is Chicago Soccer," reads a giant banner behind the Chicago goal. Uhh, no shit? Does the Fire organization have such little faith in the fans to figure out what's being played?

  • I'm not the biggest fan of the positional awareness of Jalil Anibaba when he plays CB.

  • While Marcus Hahnemann and Neagle's shoe-shining celebration isn't my favorite FIFA celebration, seeing my favorite team perform it was highly entertaining.

Life is like a GIF, you never know what you're gonna get

A game against Chicago, this should go as expected.


And just like that we've got roared into the lead!


Whoa! A red card for El Presidente?


Two goal lead, we got this!


What?! A red card?


Not to Oba. Please, not to Oba.


Oh, we're not allowed to punch people in the face anymore?


This game is getting a bit too chaotic.




Onward! To Victory!


Another Shipp goal?


This game is too intense. I can't leave my seat!


Just let me know when it's over, please. I can't watch.


Yay! A victory.


They just could never quite catch us.


Alright, peace out, Chicago.


We'll just take these points and leave.


Oh, and Yallop? I got you something.


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