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Major Link Soccer: Carmageddon 2014

The traffic for Sunday's match the Tottenham will probably be a lot worse

For Sunday, Copy+Paste
For Sunday, Copy+Paste
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For those of you who want to relive the action from last night, but wish it had more shaky cam and dubstep, STARFIRE HAS YOU COVERED. Here are their highlights:

Now, as much as I love a good rivalry, I typically wouldn't link to another source JUST for pure schadenfreude. HOWEVER, the Stumptown Footy gamethread is top-notch. Misplaced hate, immature name-calling, a WHOLE LOT of throwing in the towel. If we somehow drop points on Sunday, they may very well return the favor, and I wouldn't begrudge it. For now, let's just celebrate the third occasion of the Sounders knocking the Timbers out of the Open Cup since we joined MLS. It sure is a nice feeling. Thanks for thinking of us, Rose City. (BTW, don't troll there. Troll here instead).

It may not be a surprise that the Timbers Army aren't the only ones choking on their sour grapes.

He reportedly also lambasted the choice to give Chara a red for his tackle on Marco Pappa. Maybe Steve Zakuani will have something to say about that?

Speaking of Sunday, Starting July 18th I highly recommend not making plans to try to cross I-90 by any means. That's because it will be down to a single lane for a while here, and that means that buses will probably have just as tough a time as lower capacity automobiles. With all those cars getting rerouted and almost 67,000 people expected in attendance, I-5 and 520 will likely be nightmares. If you're coming from anywhere south of Bellevue, the Tukwila Light Rail Station may be a good option. I myself will be taking the 522 bus from Bothell, which is a pleasant enough ride that drops off close to the stadium.

One section of the Centurylink Field North Lot construction has been completed with that ginormous (shut up, it is a word) condominium that finished up earlier this year. Now, construction will begin on the Embassy Suites building that will go up just east of it, completing the wall of glass between the stadium and the city. This link has some pictures and a flyover video showing what the new project will look like.

I should have linked this first because it may not stay up very long, but Youtube has provided Clint Dempsey's interview on David Letterman. So glad he wasn't necessary last night.

Last but not least, here is the latest episode of Seattle Soccer Talk, with another sighting of the mysterious Dave Clark.


Erick Torres is easily the most interesting player on Chivas USAsome would say the one guy who makes that team watchable.

After the incident in Florida between Orlando City supporters and fans of the Tampa Bay Rowdies, ownership of the future MLS club has taken swift and decisive action. This is how you stop your fans from becoming like the San Jose Ultras.

The four fans arrested have been suspended from all future Orlando City games pending the outcome of legal proceedings;
Both current Supporter Groups - The Ruckus & Iron Lion Firm - have been indefinitely suspended pending their agreement to a new Fan Code of Conduct which follows MLS Supporter Group guidelines;
All privileges associated with being a Supporter Group (e.g., use of drums, flags, large banners, etc.) are temporarily suspended. The Club is in the process of implementing new guidelines to become a "Recognized Supporter Group" which will involve privileges (such as use of drums, flags, large banners, etc.) for those groups that comply in the future;
A copy of the new Fan Code of Conduct is being distributed to all fans.

Fox Sports is getting a jump-start on MLS coverage, putting together a "101" class on how the summer transfer window works. I honestly think I learned something from reading it, which... might bode well for their future MLS ?coverage?


Nigeria has been suspended from soccer by FIFA after the country's government started interfering with the goings-on of their federation.

The New Republic published a strong rebuttal to a link we had earlier this week giving Qatar's World Cup the benefit of the doubt.

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