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Major Link Soccer: Klinsmann turning down offers to stay in States

Also, the stunning story of how North Korea played their way into the title match;

Jake Magraw


On a day where the temperatures were more like those of So-Cal than of the Puget Sound, where there was cloud cover, but not enough to prevent my arms from turning as brilliant a shade of red as that beautiful setting sun*, another beautiful advertisement for the game of soccer occurred in Seattle. The crowd was out in full throat, arms extended, showing that soccer as a sport doesn't suddenly drop off the match the moment the final whistle blows in Brazil. Of course, it all went down at 10:30 PM ET, so no one save the hardcore fans likely saw a thing east of Denver. Oh well, we'll give it another go ESPN. Hopefully sometime after I get around to buying my own bottle of SPF 60.

At least FIFA was paying attention.

Most observers (Portland included) felt that the tide shifted dramatically in Seattle's favor when Obafemi Martins entered the pitch in the 51st minute. On that note, Matthew Doyle breaks down what changed when all three DPs were on the pitch together. After all, you can only double and triple team so many guys at once.

*"No Grandpa, it's fine. I won't need any sunscreen. These overcast skies will keep me safe No seriously, I'm fine, thanks for offering though!"


You may have read that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland. Those reports were false and have been debunked. The truth is, he is the Philadelphia Union's newest Designated Player. Like Michael Jordan, he will switch sports to play for the moribund Pennsylvania club. (/Satire)

Russell Teibert has extended with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The shared identity of the Sacramento Republic (USL affiliate of both San Jose and Portland) probably isn't working out all that well. As such, the Timbers are reportedly taking a look at putting together their own USL team the way Vancouver has and Seattle is in the process of.

US Soccer

Jurgen Klinsmann seems to like the thing that he and his team have going: despite receiving "several" likely lucrative offers from other organizations, Klinsmann is sticking with the talent he has fostered and will presumably be at the helm in Russia four years from now.

It looked like Freddy Adu might have found a place to play, but that has fallen through.

World Cup

If you've already gotten around to watching your DVR recording of yesterday's World Cup, you know that Germany pulled it out late. If you HAVEN'T watched it yet, then I'm sorry for spoiling the result. However, the statute of limitations for live events only stretches so long. Maybe you shouldn't have gone to that baseball game with your family (damn Mariners).

Believe it or not, you aren't the only person upset. After the final result, locations in Argentina had to call in the riot police to settle down 41.45 million angry fans.

In a move that in a just world should be the first of many will hopefully set a precedent, Brazilian Police have declared World Cup executive Ray Whelan a "fugitive" for his role in illegal ticket sales.

North Korea's state-controlled media may or may not be surprised to learn that their country wasn't actually in the World Cup Final: They reported last week that Sunday's match would be between the Democratic People's Republic and Portugal. The team supposedly advanced with 4-0, 3-0, and 2-0 defeats of Japan, the United States, and South Korea respectively.

Canadian Soccer has been bad for a long time, and staff at MLSsoccer aims to find out why. But it's really quite simple: When Will Johnson is a shining example of your national team's ability, perhaps more money should go into talent development.

In this separate link, take a good look at the Beautiful Game around he world in these 26 shots from the Associated Press.

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