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Player Comparisons: Seattle Sounders v Tottenham Hotspur

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Part two of a series of graphics featuring team stats, player comparisons, and interesting facts about the Seattle Sounders and Tottenham Hotspur.

Clive Rose

Yesterday, I shared a match-up graphic for Saturday's friendly against the Tottenham Hotspur. Today, in Part 2 of 3, let's look at a few specific player-to-player match-ups.

Since he makes an appearance below, I thought I would start by properly introducing Spurs "coach" Ted Lasso. You have probably seen the video already. If not, enjoy!

Now, onto the player match-ups. I compared a few goalkeepers, defenders, and recent signings. You might see some older faces, and you might see some younger men. You might also see some handsome guys.

Disclaimer: These opinions are mine and mine alone (well, I polled two friends who are Spurs fans). Please feel free to debate the attractiveness of players on each team, but know that I do not represent the collective opinions of all Sounder at Heart writers. I have no idea who makes them swoon.

Any guesses for what the graphic might feature tomorrow?