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Sounders v Tottenham Hotspur - Four Mediocre Questions

Saturday's 1 PM (ESPN2) friendly is about growing fanbases and fun, so let's have some fun.

Wait, that's not right. You gave him to us. He's ours now!
Wait, that's not right. You gave him to us. He's ours now!
Laurence Griffiths

There's a playful attitude that can be taken with friendlies. They aren't competitive matches by their very nature, they aren't supposed to be. With this friendly nestled in a bye week, priced well for season ticket holders and against a team unseen locally in the MLS era objections are more in theory rather than in practice. This is a chance to have fun with Seattle Sounders and Tottenham Hotspur.

Let's have fun with Ryan of Cartilage Free Captain and learn some things about Spurs.

SaH: How will Tottenham use this game?

CFC: I'm sure Spurs are really excited to parade about their new manager. Seriously, that's the biggest thing here. Oh, and I guess to cultivate fans in the U.S. they can one day sell shirts to.

Tottenham haven't made a single signing yet and a few of the players they do have look set to be sold before long. With a new manager, the most Spurs can hope for is that Mauricio Pochettino can get a look at everyone and see who he wants to hold onto and who he wants to get rid of in the last month of the transfer window.

SaH: Any big signings should be fun to see?

CFC: We literally have not signed a single player. Not one.

SaH: Who do you wish you could see live that you wouldn't be likely to see in EPL play?

CFC: TOM CARROLL! Xavi is the Spanish Tom Carroll and Spurs may send him on loan again this season. If so, I will cry.

SaH: Who is your favorite player that is both Sounder and Spur?

CFC: Harry Redknapp

* * *


CFC: The Sounders have the week off so how much are we going to see of their best players? Might as well go for it, no?

SaH: Sigi actually said several of his players will go 90 and that some others will not get the memory of playing against an EPL side, they instead will sit on the bench. Since that crushing that Man United put on Seattle in one of these friendly things there's been a bit more serious of an air to how the team takes these things. Expect new signing Xander Bailey to get a run as it is his first chance to get minutes. The midfielder comes highly regarded out of West Virginia and is one of those "falls through the cracks" players that US soccer fans insist exist. Sounders FC found one and are giving him a chance.

CFC: Where do Spurs rank in terms of club popularity in Seattle?

SaH: They aren't Barcelona, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United, or

CFC: Seattle's strikers don't suck and know where the net is. Can we have one?

SaH: You had one, and then you gave him to us and we're quite happy with him thank you. Clint Dempsey now has 10 goals and 3 assists in his 19 games played since leaving Tottenham. Obafemi Martins who you may know from his time with Newcastle and Birmingham has 8 goals and 6 assists in his 16 matches in the 2014 season. They're probably the best strike partnership in MLS at this time (Keane/Donovan & Henry/Wright-Phillips may argue).

CFC: On a scale of 1-10, how handsome is Mauricio Pochettino?

SaH: He's less than Brad Evans

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