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Report: DeAndre Yedlin wants out now, maybe

Or he doesn't and the rumor weeds are hard to pull.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Seltzer over at No Short Corners is really good with the rumors stuff. His sources tend to be good and he doesn't relay things that he doesn't believe are plausible. He's one of the people you can trust. Except today something smells odd about his report that Roma deal fell through due to Yedlin not wanting to remain with Seattle Sounders FC.

DeAndre Yedlin, he of #SeattleLove, "I love this team" and recently declaring his intent to help his hometown team win the MLS Cup, reportedly isn't going to AS Roma because "He wants to go over sooner rather than later." The leaders are now supposedly Napoli and Inter Milan, two sides that don't have a non-EU spot open.

Now, there's another NSC story about Yedlin maybe getting Latvian citizenship, but that depends on a thing that I can't verify. Does his mother already have Latvian citizenship? If she does things get a lot easier for Yedlin and his agent. If she doesn't, they don't get easier.

In comments on his site Seltzer mentions that Arsenal may or may not be involved. Frankly, the way he reports what he's heard is perfect;

It's something I have heard from a couple places, but they are not birdies I know well and I have not yet been able to determine if they are accurate (or inaccurate) on this.

And that couching isn't there on the reasons why the Roma deal fell apart. That means that Seltzer completely trusts what he was told, and yet it still doesn't feel right to someone who has been around Yedlin often over the past two seasons.

So now the list of clubs that have been mentioned in specific grows to Anderlecht, Arsenal, AS Roma, Genoa, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Lyon and Napoli. Leagues without a specific club mentioned are Portugal and Spain. But Roma may be out.

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