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DeAndre Yedlin-to-Roma transfer rumor lives again

As previously reported, Yedlin would remain with the Sounders this season.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It would appear as if reports of the DeAndre Yedlin-to-Roma rumors' death were greatly exaggerated. Despite a report last week suggesting the deal had been called off due to Yedlin wanting to leave sooner than later, now comes word that the transfer could be announced relatively soon. The deal is effectively the same one that was being widely reported previously, with Yedlin remaining with the Seattle Sounders until next summer at which point he'd like join the Roma first team.

Adding just a little bit of veracity to a report from someone who's often seen as bit of a wild rumor monger, Fox soccer commentator Keith Costigan has this:

The transfer fee is not yet know and has been reported as being anywhere from $4.5 million to $8 million. Either way, the Sounders are due to receive a sizable chunk, even if it's not immediately clear when they'd receive that money.

Yedlin has also been linked to Liverpool, Anderlecht, Lyon and Napoli, but those trails appear to have cooled.

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