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Major Link Soccer: Beasley to Dynamo, Pereira Waived

DeMarcus Beasley comes home to MLS, Fabio Pereira has been waived by the Sounders, and DeAndre Yedlin might go to Roma after all

Jamie McDonald


Fabio Pereira has been waived by the Sounders according to a tweet by Pereira and confirmation by the Sounders. Pereira played a total of 27 minutes for Seattle, all in the Open Cup. Pereira's release could have been made to clear room for a new signing, or perhaps just because the Sounders didn't see a future with him. Whatever the reason, it certainly would have been helpful to have a USL Pro Sounders team.

Remember that time DeAndre Yedlin was supposedly going to leave me/the Sounders for AS Roma? And then that other time where he definitely wasn't going to do that? Well apparently that whole thing could be back on.

Matt Gaschk filled in for Mike Gastineau on Seattle Soccer Talk yesterday, and it was awesome. Chad Marshall was on to discuss his upcoming All-Star Game appearance.

Sonics Rising has an article stating that Seattle could possibly be the site for a future NBA expansion.

Brian Schmetzer was featured in a special episode of Rave TV for #PositiveTweetWeek, forcing me to love him even more.


Big news out of Houston yesterday: Warren Creavalle was traded to Toronto FC in exchange for the top spot in the allocation order and some allocation money. Oh also DeMarcus Beasley signed with them or something. The Dynamo have been underperforming pretty severely this year, currently lying in seventeenth place. Hopefully this move will help them turn their season around, although I'm not sure a left-back is the best way to do that. Reports also have the Dynamo closing in on an unnamed international player, who was "at Brazil 2014."

Matthew Doyle and Andrew Wiebe are giving out some predictions on who will collect the MLS end of year awards, and Sounders were predicted to win or be runners up for four of seven. Obafemi Martins got some much deserved recognition as future MVP, and Chad Marshall won praise for his solid and consistent play with Seattle.

Zach Pfeffer, Carlos Salcedo, and Danny Garcia have all been officially added to the MLS Homegrown Roster. This follows after news a few days ago that Yedlin would be playing in the MLS All-Star Game and a few Montreal Impact players would be skipping the game in favor of Concacaf Champions League play.

NYCFC are set to announce a "major new signing" today, with ceremonies beginning at 7:30 am. Somewhere in Melbourne Josh Saunders is wondering where his big ceremony was. You can watch the festivities live here:


Fox Sports does not have a good reputation when it comes to soccer broadcasting. They also do not have much time to change that reputation, as they'll be showing MLS and Bundesliga action starting next year, as well as the 2018 World Cup. Summer 2015, when they show both the Women's World Cup and Gold Cup, would be a good time to show the world they're making progress.

NBC Sports have announced a partnership with Fathom Events to bring select Premier League games live to movie theaters across the US, starting August 16th. Three theaters in Seattle will be showing live games.

FIFA discussed a new schedule for women's international soccer at a closed doors meeting yesterday, with representatives from the NWSL in attendance.

Pep Guardiola says he's been impressed with how MLS and US Soccer have improved over the past years. He says that the US's defensive movement in the world cup was "really, really, really, really good." His advice to continue improving is to focus on youth development.

Spanish third division soccer took a turn for the fantastic yesterday, when CD Leonesa presented a new jersey that is basically just a tuxedo shirt. Seriously why does MLS not have anything like this yet.

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