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Major Link Soccer: Sounders Fall to LA

The Sounders lost. Distract yourself with other news from the soccer world.

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I'm not sure why you'd want to relive the Sounders' loss yesterday, but just in case, here are the highlights, and here is the match analysis from

Both Tim Cahill and Matt Besler were named to's Goal 50, their list of the 50 best players in the world.

Thierry Henry is rumored to be retiring after his contract with the Red Bulls expires this year. Current coach Mike Petke and former coach Arsene Wenger agree that this needn't be the case however, as they both think Henry's still got it.

The Red Bulls have signed a new defender, Damien Perrinelle, in hopes of shoring up their leaky back line. They've let in 31 goals so far this season, and are ranked tenth in goals against.

The signing of Frank Lampard looked a lot like what the DP rule was originally created to do: bring flashy, big name players to MLS (along with some attention). But over the years since Beckham's signing DP slots have been used to do a lot more than just that. Fox Sports takes a look at how MLS teams have developed their use of the DP slot.


In our final piece of New York news, Connor Lade has been loaned from the Red Bulls to the Cosmos. Even though the Cosmos have been advertising that their being in the NASL won't keep them from playing at an MLS level, this move (along with their record) says otherwise. Also on a side note, I saw Connor Lade at a U.S. Open Cup game a few years ago playing against New England, and he yelled at a ball boy for accidentally kicking a ball near him while warming up. In case you were wondering. #ConnorLadeIsModeratelyRude

Julian Greene is back in America, this time with Bayern Munich. He's expected to play in both of Bayern's matches in the states (against CD Guadalajara and MLS All-Stars). He also said that he is not looking to go out on loan, but wants to continue trying to work his way into Bayern's first team.

Jermaine Jones is out of work. He is spending his new found free time meeting other celebrities like Paris Hilton and Mike Tyson. I think we can all agree that either LA or Chivas need to give up one of their DPs to sign Jones ASAP, so he can continue his quest for an MTV reality show.

Something cool is happening in Sacramento. After only nine games, Sacramento FC have broken the previous season long attendance record, with 118,107 total fans. They still have five home games left to play.


FIFA remains behind a lot of other sporting organizations in how it deals with concussions. Hopefully a change will be coming soon to the world of international soccer. If you're interested in learning more about what's wrong with FIFA's policies, here's an extended article about what's going on.

If you think 42 is old for a goalkeeper, you should be in awe that Cuauhtemoc Blanco came on as a sub for Puebla FC at 41 as a striker. If you're younger than 41 you should now feel bad about yourself for not being in good enough shape to play in Liga MX.

Curious about how the European transfer market works? SB Nation has an article with lots of detail about everything from the logistics of a transfer to why a player might make a move. It provides a good deal of insight into transfers in general as well (not just in Europe).

This weekend two friendlies were interrupted when fans invaded the pitch to take selfies with players. With this happening with such frequency you would hope that either security is stepped up or people realize how annoying this is to everyone else and just stop doing it. Player safety is at risk too, because not everyone invading the pitch will be coming with a camera phone.

Ronaldinho has terminated his contract with Atletico Mineiro in Brazil. He's set to announce his new club in a press conference on Wednesday. Could it be a team in MLS?

Arsenal star Jack Wilshere has issued an apology for being caught smoking in public. I'm not sure if it's that smoking is seen in a worse light in England than here in America, but I think it's pretty cool that Wilshere issued a statement about something that to me seems pretty mundane, and appears to be pretty conscious of his effect on "kids growing up" as he puts it.

When you see "#AskJesus" you think of Manchester City's Jesus Navas too right? Well apparently some people did not, as they hijacked a Manchester City twitter question session with questions directed towards a different Jesus. Here's my personal favorite:

Lionel Messi has moves to trip up any defender in the world, but apparently not the Spanish legal system. A prosecutor put in a request for charges of tax fraud against Messi and his father to be dropped, but the request was recently denied, so the case will continue.

Despite the recent statement from FIFA claiming they have no intention of stripping Russia of the right to hold the 2018 World Cup, some British politicians continue to apply pressure.

U.S. National Team striker Terrence Boyd is out with a torn ACL for about two and a half months. Jurgen Klinsmann expressed his condolences. It was sweet.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic may have missed the World Cup, but he certainly hasn't lost a step. Check out this ninja-like goal:

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