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Sounders unveil new ad campaign: Ready to Rave

So far, they've released spots featuring Clint Dempsey and Brad Evans.

Over the years, the Seattle Sounders have tried many approaches to their marketing. In the early years, it was mostly fun stuff like "Date a Sounder" or the game-show theme. While potentially appealing to new fans and even folks like myself who don't mind the less serious side of sports, those ads were a bit more controversial among supporters.

Last year, we saw less fluffy ads that highlighted dark colors and the supporter-driven atmosphere.

Now, it looks like there's more of a hybrid.

The new campaign is called "Ready to Rave" and mixes dark colors and a screaming Ross Fletcher voiceover, but also has a little bit of fun by picking out aspects of the players' personalities. We learn that Brad Evans "hates mushrooms" and the Clint Dempsey has a love/hate relationship with beets/beats.

These kinds of ads are never targeted toward the current fans, but these at least seem to have the potential to not rub those fans wrong. Curious as to your thoughts.

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