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World Cup 2014 Open Thread: Brazil v Germany

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ESPN has the semifinal match at 1 PM

Sad Brazil fans waiting outside Neymar's hospital.
Sad Brazil fans waiting outside Neymar's hospital.
Buda Mendes

Did you forget about the World Cup due to the off days? There should be something amazing going on during those days and I'm not talking about Neymar X-Ray results. At least the tournament finally returns, while reminding us all that globe's greatest sporting event is nearly finished.


The Coffee Quality Index clearly favors Brazil. It does not account for the absence of two of their greats. Germany needs to colonize in order to move up in the CQI. Brazil also has the advantage of having a former MLS player. Advantage? I should give up telling you about this game. It's soccer, on TV. You will be watching.

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