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EXCLUSIVE: Sounders FC to start Muggle Quidditch team

Sounder at Heart recently obtained exclusive evidence that Sounders FC will be expanding their brand into Quidditch. The recent events at CenturyLink Field may have been a test run, despite claims that Amazon was playing broomball.

Will Parchman

A certain L. Lovegood passed key information to Sounder at Heart that contains evidence that Seattle Sounders FC will be entering a team in the Muggle Quidditch World Cup. There are strong indications that Roth and Hanauer will rapidly rectify the absence of Pacific Northwest Muggle Quidditch teams competing at the World Cup level.

Emails passed to Sounder at Heart suggest that the team will initially be created from current on-roster players who are not regularly contributing to the First Team. Roth also sent Chris Henderson to Bulgaria to attempt to pry away Andrus Levski from Wizarding Quidditch Sofia.

Initial reports suggest that the Keeper will be Ford. It should be a relatively easy transition from minding one net to minding three goals. His athleticism may even be more suited for the faster pace of the game.

The two Bludgers will be Kovar and Scott. Scott is believed to be willing to be a two-sport athlete because he loves the Sounders. He has also proven that going hard at the opponent is part of his being. Kovar doesn't have the body of a standard Bludger, but his accuracy in service is ideal. His ability to pick a target and nail it will translate well.

Chasers Bowen, Okoli and Anibaba will deploy in a uniquely defensive formation. Anibaba sits deep to help win the ball and start the counter, sometimes rushing forward, while Okoli and Bowen are direct on goal types. They switch angles well, can run the point and know how to use angles to their advantage when scoring.

Seeker is a vital role. Alonso was preferred, and he expressed interest in the new position. He normally gets what he wants, but Sounders FC is a football team first and foremost. They would not sacrifice their potential MLS wins even if it meant a Muggle Quidditch World Cup. Absent a natural fit Seattle signed Schweitzer to a homegrown contract. His willingness to get stuck-in while leading a team is going to be vital, if only as a place-holder until Henderson signs a name from within the sport.

Lovegood obtained and relayed to Sounder at Heart other emails that indicate at least two of the fields at Starfire will be converted to hosting Muggle Quidditch. Both will be turf as it is the surface best suited to the sport. Since the uniforms are different Xbox will not be the sponsor, instead Amazon and Pottermore are believed to be vying for the key sponsorship of the new fully pro side.

Sounders FC media relations staff has not responded to multiple requests concerning the emails obtained by Lovegood.

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