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This Week in Sounders Gifs: 3 points is more than 0 points. (Animated)

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The Seattle Sounders FC got back in the win column with a 2-0 win over Houston Dynamo. In a rather physical matchup, Marco Pappa got a fortunate deflection to direct his shot past Tally Hall and Gonzalo Pineda put away a penalty kick to seal the victory for the home team.

Marco Pappa celebrates with a flip.

You can say that this is definitely a penalty call on Djimi Traore or you can say it was somewhat a harsh call:


Either way, Stefan Frei saved Brad Davis' penalty attempt and turned the direction of the match:


Frei had a few big saves. Among them this kick save and a beauty (Won't discuss how Djimi got fooled out of his shorts):


Osvaldo Alonso does some bird dogging. Look at this run:


Marco Pappa with a nice pirouette but not sure if he called the bank shot off of David Horst or not:


David Horst's review of that play:


Pappa flip was cool:


But did you catch Gonzalo Pineda kick starting the flamethrowers?


Speaking of Pineda - PK confidence. Tally Hall going to have sleepless nights over that ball:


Physical, grinding, ugly. Whatever. I'm taking my three points and riding off into the sunset...