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Major Link Soccer: Referee sprays self, player, in face

The first weekend of EPL action has already provided some gems, and just after the league said it'd crack down on unauthorized footage

Anyone else see Guardians of the Galaxy?
Anyone else see Guardians of the Galaxy?
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports


Clint Dempsey hasn't been the one man army he became for a few months before the World Cup. A hint of that player showed up again in the final 20 minutes at Sandy, Utah, but where was he in the previous 70?


This post isn't indicative of any actual action, but SSFC_Rumors put together a location (or two) which could perhaps host a future downtown soccer stadium in Columbus. The Crew organization hasn't made any requests for a new building (and in fact have declared their loyalty to that rundown first USSSS) but the downtown location has worked pretty well for the teams who have employed that option.

I wasn't going to include the Crew's "Guardians against the Galaxy" tifo, until I saw the movie Sunday night. Excellent film, decent banner.

It's been quite the week for expansion articles (maybe because for teams without MLS, this is the slowest time in the sports calendar?) Minneapolis is looking towards Seattle and Portland for tips on how to succeed at the next level. Las Vegas is tired of the constant teasing, and just wants a top-level team already. And of course, there's Sacramento. The new big player, Warren Smith was the money behind the Sacramento River Cats and Republic FC. He wants to turn that into MLS.


Vine gave us some great moments from the first weekend of the EPL season. The first features something that anyone who has stuck around at a Sounders match when the seagulls start flocking has feared.

Most of us frequently call the referees idiots, but it's not every day that we get to watch them do something so clearly moronic.

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