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Sounders v San Jose Earthquakes - Reviewing Old Questions

This is the fourth meeting between the not-really-rivals-that-still-have-a-cup-to-celebrate-noble-history clubs. There is only one new question.

And they were running!
And they were running!
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Sounders FC can win the Heritage Cup with a multi-goal win and if they win 1-0. All other results send the Heritage Cup back to the San Jose Earthquakes. As a reminder the Heritage Cup is this neat idea to celebrate clubs that recognize their NASL histories. It's also the least important cup to be won in the year.

This is the fourth meeting of 2014 between San Jose and Seattle and by this point Robert at CenterLineSoccer has answered 10 questions and changed his site's name. He answers one new question.

SaH: After playing once earlier this month are there ant other questions to answer?

CLS: Haha! You tell me. Unless, of course, that is the question you want me to answer.

SaHThat's pretty much it.

Here are the previous Questions - May MLS game; June Open Cup match; August Levi's stadium opener

Wednesday's 7 PM match is on JoeTV locally.

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