I don't feel like I even saw that match.

Lets go beyond the box-score of what was on the whole a pretty frustrating match for the Sounders against San Jose and (at times) the Soccer Gods.

The direction of overall presentation of what was billed as "an event" in pregame coverage by NBCSN was absolutely confusing. I felt like I was watching Terrence Malick watching a soccer match. The cut-aways during the start of run of play were bad enough, but to have to watch a free kick come in with kick taker not even in the frame was downright confusing. I felt like I was cheated out of viewing three chances from long shots sitting on Watson or Sigi. All of these directing decisions made me feel really disconnected from the game, and often like I wasn't watching soccer but rather Quakes supporters nose hairs.

Lots of networks have taken advantage of the theater of soccer. Every match is an emotional rollercoaster. I felt like NBCSN got it completely wrong tonight, and sandwiched some soccer in between reaction shots of players miles away from the actual soccer ball.

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