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Infographic focus: DeAndre Yedlin

After he helps his team with an MLS Cup, DeAndre Yedlin is off to spread his wings with Tottenham Hotspur. Join us in reviewing Yedlin's contributions during his two seasons with the Seattle Sounders.

From the moment he stepped onto the field for the first time -- then an unknown 19-year-old with crazy hair -- fans knew DeAndre Yedlin was something special. A local boy with spunk. A flash running down the pitch. An exciting goal against Tigres.

We have watched Yedlin grow from a naive, speedy right back who easily got knocked off the ball into a confident, smart passer who now comes in like a wrecking ball. With Yedlin's future set, we have the opportunity to watch him continue to grow and help get the Seattle Sounders one step closer to an MLS Cup.

Let's forget about the disappointing 1-1 draw with San Jose for a moment, and review some of Yedlin's accomplishments with the Sounders. Get excited for the few months we have left with the just-turned-21 right back. And start saving now for a Yedlin Spurs jersey (unless you are an Arsenal fan).

First, a horrible haiku for Mr. Yedlin (Share your Yedlin haiku below!):

Youthful energy
Remember the beginning
Always a Sounder

Now, onto the graphic!

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