Seattle Reign: In Pixels

Hil Storm

Back in December I created a Game of Thrones themed infographic "House Reign" that was shared here for Reign fans to enjoy in the middle of a long (looooong) off season. With the countdown to the playoffs upon us here are a few other Reign themed things I've created this year that can hopefully help you pass your time until the big game.


Download Poster

I was fortunate to be invited to do an official match day poster for the Chicago Red Stars last year so I decided I had to make a similar one for my favorite team as well. From left to right we of course have: Jess Fishlock, Hope Solo, Kate Deines, Sydney Leroux, and in front is Nahomi Kawasumi. Feel free to print out a copy and take one to a game to get signed. It was made to be used. A printable version is at the link above.


Download Paper Dolls / Kit Expansion Pack

Back in 2012 I was inspired by some sassy Downton Abbey paper dolls enough to try my hand at making my own. At the time Hope Solo had just done Dancing With the Stars so it seems obvious who I’d use as my muse. Kits? Costumes? What is not to love?

One thing led to another and it has progressed to this 2014 Seattle Reign version. This includes the new goalkeeper kit this year, supporters shield tshirt, gucci bag, Reign scarf, a jar of "hater's tears" (quite full you will notice), and of course Twitter. As with the poster before it, feel free to print this and try it out. Card stock works best I've found.


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