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Seven Games of Suck

It's pretty bad. It's also not unique.

These aren't happy faces.
These aren't happy faces.
Mike Russell

The last seven games are pretty bad. The results are poor and in most of these games the process hasn't been that great either. Frankly, things suck right now.* The trendline is poor.** The most frightening thing is that Seattle Sounders FC are no longer Supporters' Shield favorites.***

*Seattle is in 1st place, but that's due to the early season.
** Sixteen other MLS teams this year have similar trends like this.
SportsClubStats has Seattle as 2nd most favorite for the Shield. Sidereal has Sounders FC as the favorite prior to the draw.

Look at this. It is awful.


That blows. I'm not happy. You're not happy. Sigi is not happy. Adrian is not happy. Oba is angry. There's a lot of poor feelings going around, because great teams don't go through slumps like this.

Not in 2013


Not as much in 2012


2011 was the least suck by a Shield winner since MLS started their results maps.


Slumping happens in Major League Succer. It can happen early, in the middle, or late. It has no relation to how good the team that slumps is, because in Major League Succer every team will suck for a while. What matters most is not if they suck, but how long they suck and how good are they when they don't suck.

Frankly, it's time to stop sucking. Not that it's unusual, I just want to have fun with succer again.

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