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This (Mid-)Week in Sounders Gifs: Back(ing) in(to) first. (Animated)

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The Seattle Sounders FC are back in first and the people did no rejoicing. The home side Seattle took an early second half lead on a Chad Barrett goal only to see San Jose Earthquakes' Chris Wondolowski pull one back. The match ended 1-1 giving the Sounders 1 point which was enough to see them tied for tops in West and Supporter Shield standings.

"Thirty seconds. We went like this, he went like that. I said to Hollywood, 'Where'd he go?' Hollywood says, 'Where'd who go?'"

DeAndre Yedlin de-shorts Shea Salinas:


Obafemi Martins finds a pocket of space and unleashes:


When we can suck the other team's bus farther out from their end good things happen:


Chad Barrett finishes off the ball from Oba: