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DeAndre Yedlin increasingly suggesting he may 'stay for good'

The potential transfer of DeAndre Yedlin is complex and may not even happen.

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With the MLS world descending on Portland for the All Star Game many people are chatting with DeAndre Yedlin about his future. After the last game he spoke about his future and the statements were non-committal in any direction.

"Just kind of take it as it comes," Yedlin told after the Sounders' 1-0 loss to San Jose on Saturday, when asked if the reported holdup was in regards to whether he'd prefer to stay until the end of the MLS season. "If the situation's right, then maybe I leave. If the situation will be better to stay, then maybe I stay. If the situation is to stay for good, then maybe I stay for good. But I don't really know right now, so we'll see."

He echoed those sentiments when on ExtraTime Radio recently.

If the situation will be better to stay, then maybe I stay- Yedlin

It's an interesting idea - a dream of dreams. It would be similar to the paths of Donovan, Besler, Zusi. But with a little more hype, a lot more media and a very marketable young man. MLS and Seattle Sounders FC know what they have in front of them. There's a little swagger, some humble, skill and demand.

Sure, there's the latest rumor sending him off to Tottenham in a few months. Huge league, pretty decent team. Really compelling idea there, except for the whole "not likely to start because they've already got a young right back." But money talks, and so does DeAndre. The new rumor and the slightly older statements are coming out at the same time.

The international transfer window passed so there may not be a way to get Yedlin loaned back to Seattle Sounders FC for the rest of this year - that's scary. This may mean that he's not going anywhere. This means dreams may be coming true.

Dream with me.

Yedlin stays on a really pricey deal. At his age that means an absurd amount of money for a right back, plus MLS MLSing. What's the payoff for the league?

  • Summer Olympics on NBC with Yedlin in front of non-soccer fans
  • Photo shoots for lifestyle magazines
  • Symbol to every other Academy player
  • EA FIFA cover?
What's the payoff for Yedlin?
  • Helping carry the league forward
  • Marketing dollars beyond "just" adidas and Golazo
  • A big contract in a town that adores its top athletes
  • He'd "Always be living the beginning"

It's not likely. But it is a dream with a chance at reality. It's a dream I have every night. I dream of an MLS that is good enough that a 21-year-old right back can stay and not necessarily hurt his career. If MLS is to be "a league of choice" as Garber says, then this is the kind of thing that needs to happen.

The timing is pretty poor for this kind of dream to be real, but there are times when dreams need to be real. There are times when people need to know that the absurd concept of reality can be forgotten. Just imagine for a little bit that MLS is the type of league that DeAndre Yedlin chooses. Imagine it is a league where future Yedlin's stay too.

Sunshine, rainbows, flying unicorns and players that stay.

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