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Tottenham may have moved to head of DeAndre Yedlin transfer chase

ESPN's Taylor Twellman says Yedlin would remain with Sounders through 2014 before making move to Spurs.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Just when the DeAndre Yedlin transfer talk seemed to be cooling down, the furnace has been fired up again by ESPN's Taylor Twellman who says Tottenham Hotspur could be the young fullback's destination.

Tottenham has had plenty of opportunity to see Yedlin up close and personal as they just played a friendly against the Seattle Sounders a few weeks ago and spent several days in town. It's entirely possible that they used that time to not only take a closer look at Yedlin, but to get to know the Seattle native.

What would make this a bit of a strange move, though, is that Tottenham already has a well-regarded, young, athletic fullback. Kyle Walker was believed to have been one of the favorites to earn England's starting right back spot before injury cut that short, having started five World Cup qualifiers. The 24-year-old also already has spent parts of six seasons in the Premier League, logging 13,000 professional minutes.

The one knock against Walker is that some still consider him more of an athlete than a soccer player, a criticism often lobbed at Yedlin as well.

This all comes amidst Yedlin giving more and more indications that he's perfectly happy to stay with the Sounders and sign a long-term deal. AS Roma had been rumored to be close to sealing a transfer agreement a couple weeks ago, but nothing seems to have come of that.

One of the concerns around Roma seems to have been their plan to loan him out to another Italian club. Yedlin has suggested that he's far more interested in finding someplace where he'll be given the chance to compete for playing time sooner than later. Although it seems unlikely Spurs would be such a team, maybe they have plans to sell Walker for a profit with the hope that Yedlin can be his replacement.

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