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Major Link Soccer: Garber signs 5-year extension

The story of FC Seattle. Independence movements spill into the stands and onto the pitch in Scotland and Spain. Salt Lake not Real enough for you? Have no fear, the Real Monarchs are here.

The Don has kicked cancer. (Get it?  I'm sorry).
The Don has kicked cancer. (Get it? I'm sorry).
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


The Seattle Times has a very cool feature that briefly tells the story of FC Seattle.  A short-lived but talented team, the "All-time best XI" infographic contains some names you're likely to recognize. reports a few more quotes and details further confirming that a USL Pro affiliate is pretty much a go for Sounders FC in 2015.  Now, on to the important part -- naming the team.  Plenty of examples out there for what not to do...

Ever since those videos of scandinavians playing "boblefotbal" surfaced a few years ago, It's been on my bucket list to squeeze inside of a giant spherical pool floaty and collide with others at full speed.  Well, apparently I've missed one chance to do that.  Check out the article for an array of simultaneous slapstick GIFs.

Because everyone needs more Zach Scott (and Marvin Gaye) in their lives, do yourself a favor and watch ZSMM's interview in which (spoiler alert!) he confirms he would run through a wall if asked*

*Sort of

Major League Soccer

MLS Commisioner Don Garber signed a five-year extension in January, in a break from his previous pattern of three-year contracts.  In my opinion, that's good news, as I don't have too many complaints about Garber.  In undeniably good news, Garber also reports that he is "cancer-free" after undergoing treatment for prostate cancer this year.

So Real Salt Lake has named their USL Pro affiliate team the Real Monarchs.  What else can I say?  Even RSL Soapbox just resorted to posting a series of mocking tweets about the new name.

World Soccer

Lots of international tidbits today, but first a piece on Grantland about why stats are hard in soccer, and how we're just getting our minds wrapped around how to make them meaningful.

The Russian FA might essentially recall their entire national team from their various clubs in the leadup to World Cup 2018, in order to get players ready to not embarrass Vladimir Putin compete on the world stage at home.

The debate over Scotland's upcoming independence vote has spilled into the stands in the Celtic/Rangers rivalry.

In other long-brewing independence debate news, FC Barcelona will stir the pot a bit by wearing their away kit at home for the first time ever.  What's the big deal?  The change kit has the colors of the Senyera, the Catalonian flag.  The club denies the act has any correspondence with the National Day of Catalonia, which was Thursday.  But I mean come on.

Pele was on hand to unveil a soccer field in a Rio de Janeiro favela that uses a new technology to harness the players' movements to power the floodlights.  (Do your self a favor and immediately pause the auto-play video, or you will be treated to an ad followed by awful TV reporter soccer puns.)

Are you ready for Oktoberfest?  Because TSV 1860 München is!  Hurry up and order, because they are only going to make -- you guessed it -- 1860 of them:

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