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Major Link Soccer: Chivas on Hiatus

Instead of struggling to draw at USL levels, MLS is likely to put LA2 down for a year.

Were there really 4,000 people there?
Were there really 4,000 people there?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Area techies at the Tableau conference were treated to a talk from Dave Tenney discussing how the Seattle Sounder's use of wearable sensors helps to stave off the injury bug. I should have probably broken up that sentence a bit.

In case you missed Geoff Baker's must-read bio on DeAndre Yedlin, here it is.


Philadelphia, home of Comcast, will get a broadcast on a non-GOL TV channel, that being the Comcast Network. Must be nice having a network that will bend over backwards for you, instead of making you do the bending over. (I'm just saying that the city of Philadelphia unleashed a pox on the country.)

Originally, the hope was that Chivas USA would be sold and moved around the time Brazil's World Cup ended. That hasn't happened, and the attendance issue has simply become worse. Drawing less than 5,000 people next year in what is meant to be a coming-out year for MLS is unacceptable. The league's solution seems to be to put Chivas on hiatus for at least a year. In the end, that might be for the best. The team will get to start over fresh, and the league will have at least one year of an even 20 teams. Obviously, fans of the team aren't all that thrilled with the idea.

Eric Avila won't have to worry about all that drama. His rights have been sold to Santos Laguna, effective at the end of the MLS season.

English media is reporting that there's a chance Bradley Wright-Phillips will play for NYCFC next year. Once A Metro is prepared to give a lesson on how MLS works.

Every other professional sport in the United States has adopted instant replay, but the world of soccer has stayed away from the exacting confines of slow motion. Enter a healthy and vigorous Don Garber, gunning to make MLS the first to adopt modern sports technology. This space isn't for me to judge (Of course I would never input my opinion in these neutral grounds.) If this happens, Vancouver would attest to the institution of replay being due to a certain PK called when the Sounders visited in May. That would make Seattle responsible for two replay systems.

Thanks to MLS' ridiculous success hitting new markets over the past ten years (with one notable exception,) every old expansion team now thinks they can be the next Cascadia. Orlando thinks it's that easy to just flip a switch and be a Portland. If that's what they want, they may get more than they bargained for.

Sporting KC will not join the overall trend of MLS teams having USL affiliates for 2015.

The game between the Philadelphia Union and New York Red Bulls was delayed for more than an hour for weather, and perhaps that's why tempers were running hot during warmups. Mike Petke reportedly called Union supporters "scumbags".

The end of the match between Toronto FC and Chicago was already interesting with just one goal, but Toronto nearly made it a winner in the final seconds. In fact, in reality they may have actually converted it. An iffy call from the referee may have changed Toronto's playoff fate.

Of the 20 fastest players in the coming FIFA 15, four play in MLS (and two are Sounders.)


Kaylyn Kyle was for Field Turf before she was against Field Turf before she was for Field Turf.

Twelve league players go the axe this weekend.

The NFL's domestic violence issues have made waves, and congress has called on each of the male sports leagues in America to make changes. Not cited (perhaps notably) was the NWSL.


After fans caused a player death in Algeria, the league rightfully came down harshly (and THE FIRST TIME.)

Many of you will be grateful to hear that Gus Johnson is stepping down as the voice of soccer for Fox Sports.

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