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Brotherly Game and Sounder at Heart friendly wager

Depending on who wins the 2014 Open Cup one of the site managers is going to be quite happy, because they are also winning something from the other.

Bring it back home.
Bring it back home.
Ed Zurga

You know how mayors like to make friendly wagers in support of their local sides when they face off in Cup Finals? Well, Eugene at the Brotherly Game and I are doing the same thing. If Seattle Sounders FC wins he is finding a way to get me some Yards Brewing. If the Philadelphia Union win I'm sending him some Fundamental Coffee Company.

If you've heard of Yards it is probably because of their Ales of the Revolution. Those are some pretty inspired brews that capture their city's heritage and its identity as the arguable headquarters of East Coast craft beer.

You haven't heard of Fundamental Coffee yet unless you are crazy tied into the Seattle area roasting scene. Some of my coworkers from my coffee job before my current one launched a new roaster that will take the best of 2nd and 3rd wave roasting.

So those are the terms. Dollar amounts wagered are equal. The flavors will be exceptional. I can't wait to try some Yards.

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