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Our legends walk among us, our history lives

How does one get hyped for a fourth trophy? Is winning just a casual thing? Is it instead that very thing that drives your soul?

Three is not enough
Three is not enough
Otto Greule Jr

Seattle Sounders FC have trophies. Three of the very trophy that they are trying to win tonight. For Sigi, his staff, for Evans and Alonso and Scott this would be their fourth trophy. It is a powerful history. It is a living history.

We do not look towards a rusty town. We look to 2009, 2010, 2011 and a just barely short 2012. Our history become a living legend that breathes the eternal blue, bleeds the forever green.

That history is also absent some key components to this 2014 roster. Clint Dempsey has never won a pro club trophy. The American legend walks with Sounders now. It's real. This is his first Cup Final with Seattle. Silverware is the goal.

Others are like Clint, trophy-less and in need of a Sounders powered Cup.

Our history lives among us, becomes a man with us and has never won a trophy. DeAndre Yedlin is the future of Sounders soccer. He, Kovar, Okoli and those to come have never won a major trophy. When Seattle last won the Open Cup Yedlin got to hold it - as something more than a fan, but less than a player. He will leave soon. This joy should be his.

These are the questions that need to be answered for these players. And for the 300 souls that travel to support. Are you tired of winning? Can you imagine a future victory powered by your very soul? Will you rain thunder down upon the pitch in Chester?

The answers are simple. It is a yes. You are us. They are us. We are Sounders. We are a living history of what can be done with soccer in the USA. We are the truth behind the legend.

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