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This week in USOC Final Gifs: We are the Ch4mpions (animated)

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4 USOC trophies. Seattle Sounders FC defeated Philadelphia Union 3-1. Chad Barrett leveled it, Clint Dempsey put us ahead, and Obafemi Martins sealed our first piece of hardware in 2014. Instead of boring old recap gifs, I present memories.

A "winning club" lifts a trophy.

You really just want to go watch the video highlights from the match. I can't do those justice right now. There's also this gem regarding how superhumanly fast DeAndre Yedlin is.

Clint Dempsey has got your trophy and he's going to show it to you!


Obafemi Martins seals the win in extra time, but the best part is the SoB capo getting off his ladder and THROWING IT:


Caption this:


"Oh man, great hug Oba! Hey guys - get one of these now!"

Okay, fine. DeAndre's roadrunner impression. He's superhumanly fast: