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Former Fulham captain recalls that time Clint Dempsey put his hand through a window

In Danny Murphy's telling of the incident, the 2010 injury was apparently quite serious.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

We've all seen the picture of Clint Dempsey celebrating a 2010 goal with a bandage on his hand. While the story about the incident that led up to it may have been told before, the gory details have been brought back into the limelight by former Fulham teammate Danny Murphy during an interview on TalkSport.

According to Murphy, Dempsey had been expecting to start a Europa League semifinal match after training with the first team all week due to an injury Bobby Zamora. But the day of the game, Zamora declared himself fit and manager Roy Hodgson decided to give him the start.

"Clint is a passionate boy," Murphy said. "He doesn't hold back and he decided to punch a window which had thickened glass in the corner of the Cottage. Basically half his finger was off and you could see his tendon. Glass shattered - it was some punch by the way. Blood was going everywhere. This was all because he wanted to play of course."

Luckily, a team doctor was on hand and was able to bandage Dempsey up before any serious damage could be done. Dempsey still played 33 minutes off the bench in that game, which Fulham won 2-1 in order to advance to the Europa League final. Dempsey also played 35 minutes in the final, which Fulham lost 2-1 to Atletico Madrid.

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