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Sounders lose, still have trophy and control of two more

That was an absolute pasting. Nothing good happened. And yet, the season is so good that Seattle still controls its Supporters' Shield and MLS Cup destiny. It's a really good year and a really crappy night.

That about sums it up.
That about sums it up.
Jenny Blakely

It's really easy to be angry right now. Seattle Sounders FC were obliterated. The largely reserve lineup sucked. They earned this loss behind poor defense and bad attacking sequences. New York Red Bulls crushed Sigi's squad. It could have been closer than the 4-1 line. It wasn't.

There's a lot of fixture congestion and a few injuries that forced Sigi's hand, but the depth on the squad shouldn't have resulted in 4-1. Bradley Wright-Philips is good in 2014, but he should not be a hattrick hero against Seattle's line, even with only one regular starter.

"I don't think he played particularly well," Thierry Henry said about that performance.

Well, F- that.

Because that was too well for me.

Having a trophy is awesome. Having a chance at two more is awesome, but there will not be satisfaction tonight. The expectations are as high as can be. The magic number would not be zero tonight, but in some ways without winning the trophy during any match it will not be good enough.

That's this season. Everything is expected. Not just a tertiary trophy - EVERYTHING. It's still there. But a bit more distant now than it was prior to BWP's goal at 29 seconds.


FC Dallas and Chivas TBD this week.

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