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Hosting Soccer Morning - MLS MVPs, Republic FC and EPL

The Monday morning edition of Soccer Morning on featured guest host - me.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Late Sunday night I agreed to host Soccer Morning. It's a rather large national audience of people in America that like soccer (all soccer, one soul is disappointed I didn't talk about the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers sale). I decided I wasn't going to make it the "Dave talks about Sounders" show so Trevor booked me three guests and we chatted about some league wide things, the MVP race, Sacramento Republic FC and the EPL. One of these I'm not really good at all.

Listen to guess which.

Expanding on that MVP discussion. There's going to be a lot of vote splitting on teams with several players with great numbers. I could make a case for Chad Marshall, Obafemi Martins or Clint Dempsey here in Seattle. Down in SoCal they have a trio of greats in Landon, Keane and Zardes. BWP could become the league's single season top-scorer, but Thierry's had a great year too. Dom Dwyer and Feilhaber both have potent seasons. Plata, Rimando and Beckerman are powering a strong RSL. Lee Nguyen may be a near forgotten player, but what he's doing in New England is frankly amazing.

That's 14 guys that could be MVP. And that's a huge number. It feels right though. In a year when at least two teams will top 60 points and a player could net 30 goals, will the MVP really come from a team that is basically average?

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