Yedlinspeed: 60 yards in the time it takes Vertonghen to go 20

Just what is Yedlin's top speed? And have we seen it?

So I know that this run where DeAndre ends up on top of Eden Hazard gets all the love...

But after the US Open Cup final, everyone was talking about this run against Maidana, and I don't think DeAndre is really even shifted out of third gear here:


But...I think the fastest I've ever seen DeAndre go go go isn't on a recovery run back to defend, but rather to pin back Jan Vertonghen who was out of position playing left back for Belgium. Not sure what the goal was, but it sure seemed to really bug the big guy when out of nowhere DeAndre just shows up. I bet Jan was thinking to himself, "oh. timmy howard just booted me the ball, how nice!" without realizing that by the time he got to the ball, DeAndre had teleported from his corner of the pitch, some 60-70 yards away:


Kid just pops out of the bottom left of the frame, and JJJ and Bradley are jogging at a decent trot, and Yedlin buzzes down like a sidewinder, going so fast it seems like everyone else is going in slow motion. I can't even do that in FIFA.

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