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Timing of DeAndre Yedlin's transfer to Spurs hinges on Latvian passport

Yedlin tells ExtraTime Radio that he expects to make the move to Tottenham in either January or July.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since rumors first surfaced that DeAndre Yedlin might transfer to Europe, there have been rumblings that he might be able to obtain a Latvian passport. While he does have some Latvian ancestry, it is two or three generations removed on his mother's side and it was never entirely clear if obtaining citizenship would actually be possible.

Well, Yedlin seems to think there's a pretty good chance he can get it, the only question is when.

"Right now I'm working on getting my Latvian passport so we're still waiting on what the deal with that is," Yedlin said during a recent interview on's ExtraTime Radio. "Depending on that, I think it'll either be January or next June."

Until now there had been some question as to what Tottenham Hotspur meant when they had said they expected Yedlin to join the team "next year." This makes it clear they were being purposefully vague about it, as there appears to at least be the possibility that Yedlin would be eligible to make the move once the winter transfer window opens on Jan. 1, 2015. This also suggests that Yedlin might not be quite as reliant on his United States national team experience as previously though. In order to reach 75 percent of the team's competitive games over a two-year period -- the standard for receiving a United Kingdom work permit -- Yedlin would likely have to play in every Gold Cup game next summer.

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