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Major Link Soccer: Seasons end for Johnson, Lenhart

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Two players see their seasons end as the days grow shorter.

Now the Earthquakes wish they had another accomplished striker on the roster.
Now the Earthquakes wish they had another accomplished striker on the roster.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


Zach Scott is making news halfway across the Pacific Ocean*, in his home state of Hawaii. News of his 300th game paddled out some 3,000 miles to reach the motherland.

*I DO NOT want to hear how far across the ocean Hawaii actually is, or the fraction of the total distance.


In two separate instances, perhaps the two most despised players in MLS (at least from a Seattle perspective) have both fallen victim to serious injuries and will not be playing for the rest of the season**. Will Johnson only managed to play about the first ten seconds of the Portland Timber-Toronto FC meeting, coming out worse for wear after a 50-50 challenge. Both his Fibula and Tibia were broken and he is expected to miss at least six months. Then on Sunday, the San Jose Earthquakes announced that Steven Lenhart had cut his foot while riding a bicycle, and healing from that will take longer than the four weeks San Jose has left in the season.

Someone make me an MLS logo featuring an evil bike please.

Will Johnson was probably missed. The Timbers scored twice early in their game, but Toronto came back in the second half and won it on a late Michael Bradley free kick goal.

The New York Red Bulls didn't do us any favors last night, letting the LA Galaxy walk all over them to the tune of 4-0, which keeps Los Angeles even in the Supporter's Shield race. If this is the Cup Final Landon Donovan wants, it's going to end up pretty boring.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Orlando City's brand new stadium has been announced for October 16th. The building will not be completed in time for their inaugural season, but should be ready for the 2016 season as long as they don't find a bunker of explosives underneath.

Since moving from San Jose in 2006, the Houston Dynamo have only missed the playoffs once. That's all been under the care of head coach Dominic Kinnear, who came with the team when they relocated from San Jose (where Kinnear grew up.) Now though, Dynamo leadership has allowed Kinnear to talk to other teams if he is interested in leaving. Earthquakes fans seem interested in the possibility.

The stadium may be dead, but Las Vegas has one very notable name backing their future bids. Herculez Gomez is lobbying hard for the desert oasis to get a professional side. Meanwhile, the UNLV team is on the cusp of a ranking for the first time in decades. They boast graduates like Lamar Neagle and Danny Cruz.

**I'll be putting my Voodoo dolls up on Craigslist tomorrow, but wanted to give SAH users the first crack. Turns out they work perfectly, but I'm afraid that I might take this newfound power too far. Faces may be damaged from excessive punching. Must be able to pay in cash, and be pure of heart.


A broken clock is right twice a day, and FIFA appears to be doing something right for once. They're planning to end the practice of letting third party corporations pay for player contracts, a business practice popular for teams in a crazy amount of debt.

If once and current Sounder-at-heart Harry Redknapp were in control, world soccer would see one of the most significant changes to the base rules in decades. Redknapp would like to see the existence of temporary substitutes, in particular to combat the growing problem (see:awareness) of concussions.

Young American defender and World Cup hero Anthony Brooks may be waived by his Bundesliga club Hertha.