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Major Link Soccer: FIFA corruption, Johnson freakouts surprise no one

Also, the CSA is requiring minimum roster considerations for Canadian nationals on MLS USL affiliates. Presumably they will be entirely populated by moose.

We were not willing to show his face
We were not willing to show his face
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports


Two attacking players are streaking towards an unprotected keeper with no help on the way. For anyone who has played FIFA, waiting for the keeper to come out before passing to the other attacker at the last second seems like common sense. In reality, it's an underrated play from a much-maligned attacker who both passes too often and not often enough.

Clint Dempsey's volley against the Colorado Rapids last week was voted Goal of the Week by users.

Have you figured out how you're going to watch the Open Cup Final next week? Sounder at Heart will be hosting a viewing at Spitfire. Remember that you need to find a place that has GolTV.


This past week, The LA Galaxy were mourning the loss of the newest member of the Galaxy and DeLaGarza family, little Luca. The Colorado Rapids were just unfortunate to get caught in their rampage of sadness, becoming victims of a 6-0 drubbing featuring the fastest red card in MLS history.

It's hardly news any more than the sun coming up due to a consistently rotating planet is news, but here is Will Johnson having a tantrum. For reference, the Portland Timbers tied the San Jose Earthquakes 3-3, putting them back in the race for the Supporter's Knot.

Diego Fagundez acted more his age while celebrating a goal hosting Chicago, associating himself with the Minutemen(who celebrate every New England Revolution and Patriot goal with gunfire). Charlie Davies also got in on the act to help put the Revs back in the chase for the Eastern Conference.

Chivas USA looked listless again in a 3-0 loss to the Columbus Crew, and now even The New York Times is seeing the unusually distant crowds attending the USA's Mexican team.

Sounds like USL affiliates for Canadian MLS clubs will be required to field at least half a roster of Canadians.

Time to take Ronaldinho off your Christmas list. The legend is taking his talents to a much more southern beach.


The USA is among a number of "Global North" countries which has the financial strength to pay athletes to just be athletes. But how do the players for smaller national teams get by without a rich federation and morality-killing endorsement deals? In Gibraltar's case, it means having some "real" jobs, the blueprint of which was established by the Village People.

Gee wilikers, a member of FIFA has been arrested for corruption related to money laundering! No one would have ever guessed that an organization which holds itself in such esteem and class would ever be involved in an impropriety of such regrettable stature.

Famed Italian club Napoli may not be all that popular anymore. Season ticket sales have absolutely frozen, with only 6500 fans buying in for an entire year. That's a year-over-year drop of more than 50%, and puts hem among the lowest in the league among committed ticket buyers. Compare that number or the top teams against MLS' season ticket numbers.

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