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Calling all aspiring Sounders players

S2 announce open tryouts for the USL Pro side in February. This is your big chance. Will you change the course of history?

Can you be this much of a hero?
Can you be this much of a hero?
Mike Russel

Sounders FC 2 cordially invites all those males over 18 years of age to attend open tryouts for the new team on February 13 and 14 at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila. S2 promises that at least one participant will be offered a trial with Head Coach Ezra Hendrickson's team.

"The greater Seattle area has a long history of competitive youth, amateur and professional soccer, which has produced many great players," said S2 General Manager Andrew Opatkiewicz. "Since S2 allows us to develop more players in our system that hope to make the First Team one day, open tryouts are a great way to look at the best players in the area. Someone is going to come into preseason, and it'll be exciting to see the players coming from tryouts competing for a professional contract."

Sure, it's easy to complain about the Sounders online. We all wish the team would do things at least a little differently. But when push comes to shove, can you be the one to step onto the pitch at Starfire, wow Coach Ezra and Coach Kurt, and be called back for the full-sided matches on the 14th? Will you capture that one guaranteed trial spot on S2?

Then, after your successful S2 trial, will you be the one to force your way onto the starting lineup at striker by lighting up the goal at practice, posterizing the struggling young defenders? Will you lead a ragtag team of misfits and underdogs to the USL Pro title, against all odds? After scoring the winning goal, as you are taking a break from hugging your teammates to laugh into the raining heavens and wipe the blood from your legs, will Sigi slowly approach you?

He's a silhouette at first, then his stern face is visible as he moves into the glaring pitch lights. The raucous noise is suddenly silent, the entire stadium strains to catch his quiet words for you: "It is time."

Will this be you? Will you become another head of the Hydra on the first team? Will you start "trying s***" with Dempsey and then watch as sweet strike after sweet strike caroms off the fingertips of Nick Rimando before it glides into the net? Will you be there, abreast with B-Rad, Ozzie, Deuce, Oba, and Gonzales as they hoist the Supporters' Shield again and again for the rioting thousands? The US Open Cup? The MLS Cup? Is this your destiny?

"We expect players from all over to be present at this tryout, but we are excited to see all of the local talent playing in Seattle," said Hendrickson. "We are going to take a hard look at the players who come and try to earn their place as we start building the roster for the upcoming season."

He's talking about you.

Register here before February 4 at 5 PM. The cost is $150. You know what to do.

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