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Open Flavor Fridays - Girl Scout Cookie Wars

This is your weekly off-topic post. It is time for the definitive rankings of the five most common Girl Scout Cookies. You have the power.

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This week's Open Flavor Friday is in honor of Girl Scout Cookies. There are strong opinions about these within the Sounder-sphere and it is time for the definitive rankings of the five most common cookies. Pre-sales start today. Contact your friends and family that are selling to pre-order. Or see the young ladies everywhere in a couple weeks.

Ranker - Lists About Everything


Trefoils are the traditional shortbread cookies that make up 7% of the total sales of Girl Scout Cookies.


Samoas are vanilla cookies coated in caramel, with sprinkled coconut shavings, and a thin strip and base of chocolate. These cookies make up 19% of the total sales of Girl Scout Cookies.


Tagalongs are a crispy vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolate coating that make up 13% of the sales for Girl Scout Cookies.

Thin Mints

Thin Mints are exactly what their name conveys: thin, mint-flavored chocolate wafers dipped in a chocolate coating. They are the highest selling cookie at a whopping 25% of total sales.


Do-Si-Dos are peanut butter filling sandwiched between crunchy oatmeal cookies. They make up 16% of the total sales of Girl Scout Cookies.

For all you agoraphobic sorts, new this year to the Girl Scout Cookies world is the potential to buy cookies online. The information can be found here but appears it needs the assistance of a Girl Scout herself. Just tell the little lady you're interested in becoming a digital buyer and she'll take over from there. Next thing you know, you're swimming in a cookie vault filled with glorious Girl Scout Cookies.

This is your weekly off topic post.

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