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Player Profile: #19 Marcus Hahnemann

If Yedlin is the metro in metronatural, then Marcus is the natural.

Jeremiah Oshan

Out of Seattle by way of Kentridge and Newport then to SPU, Marcus Hahnemann is a Sounder. He was a Sounder during Sounders 2.0 and it was quite fitting for him to come out of semi-retirement to finish his career with a stint on the MLS Sounders. There were only 210 competitive minutes for Marcus in his final season, all in the US Open Cup. The win in penalties created one of the greatest memories in the Sounder-sphere. It is the kind of tale you tell your grandkids and they don't believe you.


In retirement his castle walls are the Olympics and Cascades. He is the Lord of Cascadia, traversing the land by ATV, motorcycle, pickup truck or snowboard. He will travel by boat and horse as well probably.

marcus hahnemann graphic

Shot Stopping:

Marcus was a reaction keeper who started to lose his step. His positioning was adequate, but at his best that huge frame moved like some ferocious cat. It's what made him a USMNT player.


'Kick it long and hard' was his old school mantra. Over time he adjusted to rolling it out more frequently, but his history is similar to a traditional American keeper.


If a player could exist as a leader alone it would be Marcus. He was brought to a World Cup as the third keeper because he understands what it means to be a professional and represent a nation. On the field his command is excellent. In training he will work with young forwards and teach them how to score on him.

Best Case 2015:

On the capo stand in the Brougham End.

From one Charger to another, thank you.

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